Key Lime Pie

Homemade and delicious! Buy by the slice or a whole pie!

Cinnamon Sugar Toast

Our delicious Texas Toast, buttered and covered with homemade cinnamon sugar!

Banana Pudding

Buy a single serving, a half pan or even a full pan of our delicious homemade banana pudding!

Chocolate "Damm" Cake

Our signature and homemade sheet cake with confectionary sugar icing! Definitely something you don't want to miss! Add ice-cream or whipped cream and have your cake warmed up for extra deliciousness!

Ice Cream

A few scoops of some delicious vanilla ice cream

Cake with Icecream

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Made to quench your thirst.


Small Fountain Drink
18 Ounce Drink


Large Fountain Drink
32 Ounce Drink





Bud Light



Michelob Ultra


Kona Brewing Company Bottled Beer

Shock Top Bottled Beer

Goose Island Brewing Company Bottled Beer

Wood Chuck Hard Cider

Seagram's Wine Coolers

Corona Extra

Dos Equis

Redd's Apple Ale


Barefoot Wine
White Zinfandel, Cabernet, Red Sauvignon. Single Serving Bottles.


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